Cold Email As A Service

We generate leads & optimise your outbound cold email strategy.
Our goal is to give you zero work until a meeting is booked.

Lead Generation

- Auto Lead Research
- Email Address Validation
- Manual Lead Targeting


60% - 80% Open Rates
2%-6% Response Rates
<3% Bounce Rates

Data Approach​

- Metrics Driven Approach
- Auto follow up with sequences
- Weekly, Data-Driven Reports

Our process

  • 1. Strategy

    We work together to find your best outreach strategy. From there, we build sequences that test our way to a repeatable sales process

  • 2. Lead Generation

    Our system will generate the best matching prospects, we will clean the list and validate the email addresses to keep the bounce rate low

  • 3. Send & Measure

    Every week we try to send a new batch of leads and sequences. Updated insights and analytics will be sent in our weekly report. We also check your inbox twice a day.

Free Trial

150 prospects (~750 total emails sent).
For companies discovering their ideal customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We follow up. If the prospect gives us an outright no, we may follow up to try to overcome the objections or simply thank them for responding. Our goals is to give you zero work until a meeting is booked.

You’ll set one up for us. It can be your personal email address (i.e. [email protected]) or a new email address (e.g. <name>

Yes. But it’s probably an inefficient use of your time. We also might be better at it 🙂

For completely new email addresses (and a young domain) we’ll need 3-5 days to warm up the email address.

We do the work. None of it is outsourced. We hire intelligent, thoughtful people to deliver a deliciously simple and effective service.

We follow up an all the emails. We’ll handle the No’s, and just acknowledge their response and thank them.
For objections, sometimes these can get quite specific. We can try overcoming a few common ones, and then hand them over to you. Warm leads are lovely!

No. We don’t believe you can outsource insights for your company, but we do believe we can accelerate them for you. Imagine what your investor update and pipeline would look like if you doubled your meetings per month!